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Pulse from LITE-wire is a world-class, digital wiring system for all types of vehicle electrical control applications
Simple to use
The LITE-wire patented PULSE system was specifically developed for niche & specialist vehicle applications, allowing the assembly of a completely digital electrical system without the need for complex programming
Flexible technology
For the first time, technology that is commonly used in high-volume vehicle design, reducing wiring complexity and weight as well as adding operating features is available to the specialist manufacturer in a simple, flexible format
Proven reliability
PULSE systems allocate a unique digital signal to all electrical components connected to the system, allowing multiple products to be powered and switched simultaneously and with extreme reliability
Complete the connection
Bluetooth, RF & GPRS connectivity allow remote activation of the system and provide full integration with other vehicle equipment

future technology

Combining a uniquely intuitive Plug & Play connection system with a digital network, the PULSE system provides the opportunity to dramatically reduce electrical installations times and increase productivity for vehicle builders in all sectors...
An example of an LGV trailer configuration using Pulse
With business demands often requiring the flexibility of a changing workforce, the intuitive PULSE system offers a simplicity to vehicle electrics that allow installation by non-electrical personnel working from very simple installation drawings.

PULSE systems can be programmed to provide each OEM customer with bespoke operating features using scenarios, timers, system monitoring and many other features.

Validation of the end product during vehicle manufacture, or in operation, can be achieved via a USB to PULSE interface using a desktop or laptop PC. When connected to the system via any of the Plug & Play ports, data can be collected according to the requirements of the customer.

For all applications...

Use it in all of your car, LCV, LGV and specialist vehicle wiring from ICE to PTO & MDT control, and everything in between.
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