TECH-LED ISL-500 LED interior light
Perei Lighting from LITE-wire
Perei Lighting from LITE-wire

ISL 500 LED strip lighting

Combining cost effectiveness with efficiency, the ISL-500 range has been designed to provide a professionally engineered solution for vehicle interior lighting, whilst remaining highly affordable and incredibly durable. Suitable for both OEM and Aftermarket applications, every aspect of the product has been developed to ensure extreme reliability, even in the harshest conditions.

Clever connectivity design within the LED PCB, gives modularity options that allow the ISL-500 range to extend in length as a continuous strip light. Powered and switched by the master unit (ISL.509), your individual strip light requirements can be achieved by simply clipping the ISL-500 extension module variants together, according to the required size when using the Interlink fitment component (ISL.513.00).

Pack ref Item code Voltage Type Length
ISL.500/12V 12V Standard strip light 350mm
ISL.500/24V 24V Standard strip light 350mm
ISL.501/12V 12V Touch-Sense switched light 350mm
ISL.501/24V 24V Touch-Sense switched light 350mm
ISL.502/12V 12V PIR switched light 350mm
ISL.502/24V 24V PIR switched light 350mm
ISL.503/12V 12V Standard strip light 600mm
ISL.503/24V 24V Standard strip light 600mm
ISL.504/12V 12V Touch-Sense switched light 600mm
ISL.504/24V 24V Touch-Sense switched light 600mm
ISL.505/12V 12V PIR switched light 600mm
ISL.505/24V 24V PIR switched light 600mm
ISL.506/12V 12V Standard strip light 1100mm
ISL.506/24V 24V Standard strip light 1100mm
ISL.507/12V 12V Touch-Sense switched light 1100mm
ISL.507/24V 24V Touch-Sense switched light 1100mm
ISL.508/12V 12V PIR switched light 1100mm
ISL.508/24V 24V PIR switched light 1100mm

Continuous lighting system modules

Pack ref Item code Voltage Type Length
ISL.509/12V 12V Master strip light module 1100mm
ISL.509/24V 24V Master strip light module 1100mm
ISL.510/12V 12V Add-on strip light module 350mm
ISL.510/24V 24V Add-on strip light module 350mm
ISL.511/12V 12V Add-on strip light module 600mm
ISL.511/24V 24V Add-on strip light module 600mm
ISL.512/12V 12V Add-on strip light module 1100mm
ISL.512/24V 24V Add-on strip light module 1100mm
ISL.513.00 Inter-link module

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Standard; Touch-Sense or PIR switched
500mm cable
ECE approved