Perei 95mm LED directional indicator
Perei 95mm LED stop tail light
Perei 95mm LED reverse light

95 Series LED

An ideal replacement for any 95mm lamp, or for new vehicle builds - available with either 500mm cable or Superseal connection. A complete range of directional indicators, stop/tail, rear fog and reverse lamps are available to produce a lighting array for both 12v and 24v vehicles.

500mm cable connection

Pack ref Item code Voltage Type Lens colour
F626 FL24LED-500-12V 12V Front DI Amber
F854 CFL100-500-12V 12V Front DI/Marker Clear
F628 FL25LED-500-12V 12V Rear DI Amber
F874 FL25LED-500-12V-CLR 12V Rear DI Clear
F630 RF7LED-500-12V 12V Rear Fog Red
F873 RF7LED-500-12V-CLR 12V Rear Fog Clear
F918 CRL100-500-12V 12V Rear DI/Marker Clear
F632 RL800LED-500-12V 12V Reverse Clear
F634 SL9LED-500-12V 12V Stop/Tail Red
F872 SL9LED-500-12V-CLR 12V Stop/Tail Clear
F627 FL24LED-500-24V 24V Front DI Amber
F855 CFL100-500-24V 24V Front DI/Marker Clear
F629 FL25LED-500-24V 24V Rear DI Amber
F919 CRL100-500-24V 24V Rear DI/Marker Clear
F631 RF7LED-500-24V 24V Rear Fog Red
F633 RL800LED-500-24V 24V Reverse Clear
F635 SL9LED-500-24V 24V Stop/Tail Red

Superseal connection

Pack ref Item code Voltage Type Lens colour
F740 FL24LED-SS-12V 12V Front DI Amber
F732 FL25LED-SS-12V 12V Rear DI Amber
F736 RF7LED-SS-12V 12V Rear Fog Red
F744 RL800LED-SS-12V 12V Reverse Clear
F728 SL9LED-SS-12V 12V Stop/Tail Red
F741 FL24LED-SS-24V 24V Front DI Amber
F733 FL25LED-SS-24V 24V Rear DI Amber
F737 RF7LED-SS-24V 24V Rear Fog Red
F475 RL800LED-SS-24V 24V Reverse Clear
F729 SL9LED-SS-24V 24V Stop/Tail Red

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500mm cable
Superseal connector
ECE approved