Perei 95mm Ring LED rear light
Perei 95mm Ring LED rear light

95mm Ring Series

Well-known for their distinctive appearance, the 95mm Ring Series of LED lamps are available for any applications with indicator and stop/tail functions catered for in both 12v and 24v. Can be used with the 55mm lamp range to complete rear lighting.

Pack ref Item code Voltage Type Lens colour
F994 ST105SZZ-2-2-AA 12V Stop/Tail Clear
F994BLK ST105ST1-2-2-AA 12V Stop/Tail (Black bezel) Clear
F995 ST105SZZ-4-2-AA 24V Stop/Tail Clear
F995BLK ST105ST1-4-2-AA 24V Stop/Tail (Black bezel) Clear
F996 RD105SZZ-2-2-AA 12V Rear DI Clear
F996BLK RD105ST1-2-2-AA 12V Rear DI (Black bezel) Clear
F997 RD105SZZ-4-2-AA 24V Rear DI Clear
F997BLK RD105ST1-4-2-AA 24V Rear DI (Black bezel) Clear
F998 ST106SZZ-2-2-AA 12V Stop/Tail Red
F998BLK ST106ST1-2-2-AA 12V Stop/Tail (Black bezel) Red
F999 ST106SZZ-4-2-AA 24V Stop/Tail Red
F999BLK ST106ST1-4-2-AA 24V Stop/Tail (Black bezel) Red
F0013 RD106SZZ-2-2-AA 12V Rear DI Amber
F0013BLK RD106ST1-2-2-AA 12V Rear DI (Black bezel) Amber
F0014 RD106SZZ-4-2-AA 24V Rear DI Amber
F0014BLK RD106ST1-4-2-AA 24V Rear DI (Black bezel) Amber
 F0015 TP122SZZ-8-9-AA N/A Trim Clear

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500mm cable
ECE approved