Perei 800 Series LED lighting
Perei 800 Series LED lighting
Perei 800 Series LED lighting

800 Series

Designed for larger commercial vehicles, the lamps are available as either individual single function lamps; combination lamps or can be fitted within a three-pod housing. A complete range of directional indicators, stop/tail, rear fog and reverse lamps are available to produce a lighting array for both 12v and 24v vehicles.

We also produce a blue flashing warning light for emergency vehicles - see code BL800LED-24V.

Pack ref Item code Voltage Type Lens colour
F656 RV800LED-12V 12V Reverse Clear
F713 RF800LED-12V 12V Rear Fog Red
F902 CRL800LED-12V 12V Stop/Tail/DI Amber/Red
F673 BL800LED-24V 24V Blue Flasher Blue
F845 FL800LED-24V 24V Rear DI Amber
F901 RV800LED-24V 24V Reverse Clear
F899 RF800LED-24V 24V Rear Fog Red
F625 ST800LED-24V 24V Stop/Tail Red
F889 CRL800LED-24V 24V Stop/Tail/DI Amber/Red
F846 CRL810LED-24V 24V Stop/Tail/DI Amber/Clear
F870 FL800LED-HH-VV 9-28V Rear DI Amber
F4 SL800LED-VV 9-28V Stop/Tail Red
F40 CRL800LED-VV 9-28V Stop/Tail/DI Amber/Red
F623 CRL888LED-Housing N/A 3-pod Housing Black

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ECE approved