Perei 1200 Series LED directional indicator
Perei 1200 Series LED reverse light
Perei 1200 Series LED stop/tail light

1200 Series

Whether flush mounted, or fitted using the base, the 1200 Series is a popular lamp in ADR environments with fog, directional indicator, stop/tail and other combinations available.

We also produce a blue flashing warning light for emergency vehicles - see code BL800LED-24V.

Pack ref Item code Voltage Type Lens colour
F361 FL1200RLED-12V 12V Rear DI Amber
F366 RF1200LED-12V 12V Rear Fog Red
F359 SL1200LED-12V 12V Stop/Tail Red
F355 FL1200RLED-24V 24V Rear DI Red
F367 RF1200LED-24V 24V Rear Fog Red
F354 SL1200LED-24V 24V Stop/Tail Red
F373 SR1200LED-24V 24V Side Repeater Amber
F99 SR1200BLED-24V 24V Side Repeater Blue
F362 FL1200RLED-VV 9-28V Rear DI Amber
F368 RF1200LED-VV 9-28V Rear Fog Red
F374 SR1200LED-VV 9-28V Side Repeater Amber
F360 SL1200LED-VV 9-28V Stop/Tail Red

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ECE approved