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  • Massive Savings in Vehicle Wiring   - Up to 50% Less Cable
  • Unrivalled Time Savings on Installation & Maintenance
  • Connect a Product Anywhere on the Harness ….
  • 100% Compatibility with all OEM Vehicle types
  • No Skilled Electricians required -  It’s So Simple!
  • Fit Road Lighting, Warning Lamps, Switches, Alarms and more

An Innovative and Cost Effective Electrical Harness System offering remarkable flexibility for Commercial Vehicle Builders and Fleet Operators.

LITE-wire has a unique simplicity converting standard electrical inputs into PULSE signals, allowing Lighting and many other electrical products to be powered and controlled along just a single 6mm diameter cable. 

The LITE-wire single cable concept not only greatly reduces cable usage, but also makes installation and field maintenance incredibly simple.

ROAD LIGHTING, WARNING LIGHTS, SWITCHES, ALARMS, SENSORS and much more can all be connected in the same way.

The LITE-wire Digital Control system ensures not just Unrivalled Reliability, but Total Future Proofing, ensuring that in the future, your vehicle of today will be compatible  with the products of tomorrow.

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